April 2012

"A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again"

A sideways tribute to David Foster Wallace, and an amazing episode


I was so blown away by this episode, I don't even really know how to review it. Beyond saying "Remember when this happened? And then that happened?" And basically recounting the entire episode.
So: first things first. I think the episode title probably threw a lot of people. It's a reference to a long essay by now-deceased American genius author David Foster Wallace. In his essay, Wallace - an extremely neurotic fellow - goes on a luxury cruise. He finds its luxury unsettling, off-putting, and ultimately corrosive to the human soul. 

"Beware My Cheating Bart"

As a former Lostie, and someone who actively engaged in the online game and who has purchased Dharma Initiative merchandise in the past: I LOLd.


You know, everyone's going to have their own answer to this question, but to me, this week's episode of The Simpsons was all about how insufferably self-centered people can be. And how blind to the effect and inconvenience it has on other people.
In the main plot, Jimbo Jones (the bully with the skull printed on his t-shirt) insists that Bart chaperone his girlfriend. As if Bart, who as he points out is comfortably pre-adolescent, is tantamount to a eunuch. Bart is nervous and annoyed at being strong-armed into this time-consuming, unpaid, and (so he thinks) boring assignment against his will. Then he (predictably) gets a crush on Jimbo's girlfriend, and it all goes haywire.

Matt Groening Reveals Springfield's Real Location?

That's how it's being billed online… but the truth is more complicated


For years, Simpsons fans have wondered where Springfield is actually located. Most fans are convinced that it is located in their own state. That's the joke, of course - Springfield is the most common town name in America. Almost every state in the union has its own Springfield, and that "everytown" quality is the primary reason that Matt Groening chose that name for his fictional town.
The show has teased the fans over this debate in the past. In the (non-canon) episode "Behind The Laughter," Springfield is said to be in North Kentucky. And there have been numerous fake-outs over the years. Not to mention "clues," which the good people at SNPP.com have done a fine job of meticulously documenting.