April 2011

Curly and Matt Groening

I have been trying to find out if Matt Groening has ever publicly spoken about The Three Stooges.  While I cannot confirm it, I have a feeling that he is a fan of the classic show.  More importantly, like any good “Stooges” fan, I think he is a fan of one in particular… Curly.

Curly was the best.  He absolutely made the show, the other two stooges merely contributed to the overall genius that was the comedy of Curly.  His actions, his behaviors, and his mannerisms were the selling points of the show.  If you think I have exaggerated his importance, watch a Curly episode and then a Shemp episode.  I am right. 

"The Great Simpsina"

Lisa discovers the magic of turning Bart into Milhouse



Lisa finds a new calling, but with great power comes the responsibility not to blab it to cute boys in disguise. Meanwhile in Springfield….that's it, really. The guest stars crawl out of the woodwork and the milk cans in "The Great Simpsina", but fortunately, the episode we're still left still has some genuine heart and charm - and thanks to Homer, some good laughs, too.





The Simpsons are Reusing twenty year old Episodes?

Did anyone happen to see The Simpsons this past Sunday night?  I was surprised to see that the prime time showcase was not a new episode.  In fact, it was not even from any recent season.  They went back in the episode vault, and pulled out the fourth season episode, “Maggie’s First Word.”

This episode was first aired in 1992.  For as long as I can remember, the Sunday night episode has featured episodes from either that current season, or at the mosta season or two prior.  This makes sense, because the older episodes are lost in an endless loop of syndication.