January 2011

"Homer the Father"

Homer gets parenting advice from a "30-year old TV show that only got on the air because the creator had evidence the network president ran over a guy", but is it enough to get Bart the mini bike that he knows he will die on? And which country will Bart betray to get it? There are many lessons to be learned - and television shows to be watched - for "Homer the Father", episode twelve of The Simpsons 22nd season.

Bored with Kent Brockman's correction of the spelling of the word "correction", Homer alights on Thicker Than Waters, a typical 80s family sitcom  filled with bad acting, mundane stories and a desperate insistence that the show is filmed in front of a live studio audience (who, Homer opines, are all dead by now). But the program has an effect on Homer ("I never thought of fatherhood as something that could effect a kid"), who refuses to buy Bart a mini-bike. Bart is furious, and when he overhears Apu's fears for America ("...China, Mordor, the hoochies that laid low Tiger Woods"), he strikes a deal with the devil (aka the CIA, aka Chinese Intelligence in America) to get him his mini bike.

"Flaming Moe"

After being left out of Mr. Burns' will and turned away from a gay bar, Waylon Smithers sets out on a mission. His unexpected partner is Moe Syzlak, who's only business is Barney's drunken vandalism. But when Moe's Tavern becomes Mo's, "Flaming Moe" is the spokesman for Springfield's gay community, and Smithers isn't happy. And when a new music teacher comes to Springfield Elementary,  Seymour Skinner's heart sings - when his mother isn't listening, anyway.

"Moms I'd Like To Forget"

Bart's vendetta against the fifth graders at Springfield Elementary leads to some shocking revelations about Marge, and secrets being uncovered all around Springfield. Something happened to Marge and her then-fellow new moms seven years ago, and now we find out why Ned Flander's moustache is the way it is. New friendships bring new problems for the Simpsons, and the "Moms I'd Like To Forget" are at the heart of it in the 10th episode of the show's 22nd season.

"Donnie Fatso"

Homer gets into a little trouble with the law. His only way out is through the mob, but when the time comes, will he be able to rat on Fat Tony? There may yet be honor among thieves - or in this case, undercover FBI agents. After a lackluster Christmas episode, The Simpsons, along with Springfield's resident godfather, return strongly with "Donnie Fatso", the ninth episode of the show's 22nd season.