September 2010

The Simpsons: "Elementary School Musical"

When Bart and Homer are hand-picked by Krusty the Clown to accompany him to Oslo to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize, Marge treats Lisa to a week at a performing arts camp, where she falls in love with the freedom and inspiration that her usual life cannot provide. Upon returning to that life at the conclusion of the week, she discovers that artists have a tougher time of things than she thought. Meanwhile, Krusty discovers a few things of his own: namely that he’s not in Oslo, and he didn’t win the Nobel Prize. Everything goes wrong in “Elementary School Musical”, and in more ways than one - the season premier of the 22nd year of The Simpsons is a dull, unfunny and clichéd affair, relying on old jokes and stale pop culture premises to see it through.