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Treehouse of Horror XXII

I wish they had made a joke about the Papyrus font, or maybe that's just me.
The great thing about the Treehouse of Horror episodes is that they completely do away with any ideas of continuity, which frees them up to be as ridiculous and experimental as they want to be. And just like all experiments, sometimes they fail. 
This year they decided to stick with four contemporary movie parodies. Perhaps they are getting a little sensitive to the criticism that the show's long lead time means they don't do contemporary references well? Or maybe they just didn't care.

Part 1/Intro: "127 Hours" parody
Marge often worries that the kids think she's a wet blanket. Well let me tell you, that rep is justified when she plays the Switch Witch. Even the worst parents would keep SOME candy and ration it out for the kids, right? 
Homer chewing off all of his limbs is pretty gruesome, in fine Treehouse of Horror fashion. But it got me wondering about the mechanics of the next bit, where he reaches the candy bag and opens it up. Did he inchworm over? What about blood loss?
Part 2: "The Diving Bell and the Butterball"
The best part about this segment is the expressiveness of Homer's farts. The worst part is the vision of paralyzed Homer in a wheelchair Spidermanning about town, which felt like a crass joke at the expense of the disabled.
Part 3: "Dial D for Diddly"
I love LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of Ned Flanders as a Dexter-style serial killer. If you want to have him rationalize his murders as being just the cleansing fire of God, that's fine. You could take that in a lot of different directions - you could talk about the contradiction of a religious war, or the way that every aspect of modern life is forbidden according to the Old Testament, or just about how being super uptight and perfectionist can cause a man to snap.
Or I guess you could have it all be the work of Homer with a hidden microphone. Sure. Okay. I guess.
Part 4: "In The Na'Vi"
According to tradition, Kang and Kodos make an appearance in every Treehouse episode. And this one is no exception, as Bart Simpson travels to Rigel Seven, is transported (Avatar-style) into a Rigelian body, and uses it to get Kang's daughter pregnant.
I wish they had poked more fun at Avatar. I also wish they had made a joke about the Papyrus font, or maybe that's just me. But for all its disappointments, this part had a wonderful visual sequence at the end where all the forest creatures come out to wage war. Special award goes to the sub-sequence of Superintendant Chalmers getting into a larger mech suit for his fight, whereupon the bulldozer animal does the same.