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21 Fun Facts, I Bet You Didn’t Know about The Simpsons


1.       It takes over 9 months to produce an episode from start to finish

2.       Marge’s hair has increased in size since episode one and will continue to increase each year.  By the 20th Season, Marge’s hair will have been 40% larger than season ones.

3.       According to Dan Castelleneta (voice actor of Homer, Krusty, Groundskeeper Willie, Grandpa Simpson, Itchy, Barney, Mayor Quimby, Side Show Mel, etc), the catchphrase used by Homer, “D’oh!” was shortened from a popular 1940’s film star, Oliver Hardy’s catchphrase, “Damn Jews, why won’t they just go?!”.

4.       All of the Simpson’s family names come from creator Matt Groening’s family, except for Bart which is an anagram of Brat. 

5.       In real life, Homer weighs about 230lbs.

6.       21 of the Simpson’s staff members are graduates of Harvard.

7.       It costs $1 million dollars to produce one episode of the Simpsons, not including the $350,000 for six of the voice over actors.

8.       Michael Jackson did the voice for the “wannabe insane Michael Jackson” character, Jacko on the Simpsons, but did not sing the character’s songs.

9.       There have been more guest stars on the Simpsons than there have been episodes.

10.   70% of the episodes have religious gestures and 11% have a religious story line.

11.   The Simpson’s theme song is composed by legendary Frank Zappa, but for legal reasons, he is credited as Danny Elfman.

12.   Since the HD switch in 2009, all the Simpson characters now have 5 fingers on each hand instead of 4.

13.   Maggie’s first and only word was voice by actress Elizabeth Taylor.

14.   The Simpson’s started as 30 second clips on the Tracey Ullman Show in 1987.

15.   Homer’s middle name is actually Jay (Homer J. Simpson).

16.   There are 121 Springfields in the United States.  Matt Groening chose that city because it is a common well known city name.

17.   While each episode takes about 9 months to make, they are always working on about 7-8 episodes at a time.

18.   The Simpson’s opening sequence with the couch is meant to cover for (give or take) 5 seconds of the show, depending on the show’s material.  The longest opening couch sequence to date is 46 seconds long.

19.   The Simpson’s hold the Guinness Book of World Records for “Longest-running Primetime Animated Series” and “Most Celebrities Featured in an Animation Series”.

20.   There are around 100 animators for The Simpsons in Los Angeles, and another 100 animators in South Korea.

21.   On January 14, 2000, The Simpson’s received their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.